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Frequently asked Questions

How do I submit property?

It is very easy to submit property with proIntel. You need to be a registered member to submit property, if you are registered member please login to access your dashboard were you will be able to submit property, view submitted properties, edit and delete properties.

How long is my property going to be displayed ?

Your property will be displayed for six(6) months in our system and it is very possible to extend to another six(6) months.

How safe is the system when it comes to security ?

Information stored in our database will never be shared to anyone or accessed by unauthorized user. We verify every item uploaded in our system to avoid scams and make sure our users are always safe whenever they buy their property. We offer help and guidance to user whenever they need it.

Do I need someone to help me upload property?

proIntel is a salve serve system that allows user to upload their property whenever they want and wherever they are. You can upload your property at home or work using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or or desktop.